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Vedische Culturenprogramma wordt op elke 3e zaterdag van de maand gehouden in Boxtel. Kom en geniet de transcendentale muziek, spiritueel kennis, Mantra yoga en heerlijk diner. प्रत्येक तेस्रो शनिबार हुने भजन किरतनमा सबैलाई नामहाट बक्स्टेलमा स्वागतम्

Nieuwe aandacht op 19 dec programma

Vedische cultureel programma trekt meer aandacht
Hoewel het weer slecht was, drie nieuw jongens hebben zich aanwezig gesteld bij de programma van 19 december voor het eerste keer. Ze hebben ons programma heel leuk gevonden. Ze willen weer deelnemen en willen ze zijn kennissen ook meebregen naar het volgende programma op 16 januarie.

We hebben veel lekkere hapjes gekocht. Vietnamese loompia, erwit soup, pakoda, aaludam- aardaplecurrie, chatney enz. Er was lekkere appeltaart en rusgulla gebracht door Naamhat Eindhoven. Ruim tien mensen hebben deelgenomen. Het ontwikkelen van goedheid was een van de onderwerpen de deelnemers hebben meepraatten.

However the weather on 19 December was snowy, three more new aspirant devotees came to participate in the program. There were more then ten participants. The program highlighted on raising the mode of goodness as explained in the Bhagavad Gita as it is.

Ons dienst op de krant Selissen

Door: Sacha Wijmer
Selissenwal kent een kleurrijke bevolking. Vanuit alle windstreken zijn mensen in de Boxtelse wijk neergestreken. Een van die mensen die zich in de afgelopen jaren hier een plaats heeft verworven is Nanda Gautam met zijn gezin.

In 1999 kwam Nanda Gautam als een gevluchte journalist vanuit het koninkrijk Buthan naar Nederland. Drie jaar later kon hij zich herenigen met zijn vrouw en dochtertje. Hij werkt op Sint Lucas als docent video en als werkplekbegeleider. Om hier een plek te veroveren bedacht Nanda destijds iets praktisch. Hij en zijn vrouw Chandra begonnen elke derde zaterdag van de maand hun huis open te stellen voor mensen. Om samen te koken en te eten. Met koken beginnen Nanda en Chandra zaterdagochtend vroeg om 8 uur. Vanaf ongeveer 10 uur komen de gasten binnen, die onder hun leiding Buthaanse gerechten gaan koken. Halverwege de middag begint om vier uur de maaltijd. Iedereen mag zelf ook een bepaalde groente meenemen.

Contact en integreren via koken
Nanda G…

Founders of BCN divided the Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands

When the present regime of Bhutan which is known as the youngest democracy refused to take back its 20% of the Lhotshampa minority currently living in the UNHCR refuigee camps in Nepal, other countries in the world provided them the democratic right to live with dignity in the new country. About a hundred refugees were brought to The Netherlands in the year 2009. Within a few months a child was born in the transition camp in Amersfoort. Recently a second child was also born in a family originally from Gelegphu after they shifted to a new house from the transit camp.

Begining new life in Holland is however an opportunity to reinstate their normal life, it does not provide a permanent solution to the refugee problem. A human right leader of Nepal, pramod Kafley feels bad of their government not able to do anything the refugees actually wanted.The world's largest democratic nation, India fuelled this refugee problem owing to its support to the rulers of Bhutan giving preference to th…

Dewali and Bhutanese exiled Hindus

Bhutanese minority Lhotshampas practices Vedic cuture. This they do by putting their belief on God in the center of their activities. Here, during the anual festival of lights - Dipawali, there is a tradition to remind people of the existence of God Sri Ram. People in th eveening of Lakshmi puja goes out to the homes of others with singing band. They sing the glory of Sri Ram and how the evils are defeated by good. This tradition is now brought to The Netherlards by some exiled Bhutanese. Bhutanese regime forcibly exiled about 20% of the population mainly the Lhotshampa minority. Because the Bhutanese present regime rejected their appeal to let them go back to their homes in Bhutan from exile, the Dutch goverment kinldy brought about a hundred Bhutanese refugees to The Netherlands for resettlement. Some of them are still following the Vedic culture. One family originally from Gelegphu district of Bhutan are holding fast to the Vedic culture. This family Rizal, arranged in their home i…

Celebrating Brother - Sister Relationship

Celebrating borther-sister relationship is a part of Vedic culture observed most of the families who like this culture. It is observed with zeal in Indiain subcontinent, nowadays mostly in remote villages. Naamhat Boxtel promotes this and invited on 18th October about fifty Bhutanese and about 50 Nepalese living in The Netherlands to celebrate together. However only one of them gave the emphasis and its was celebrated -see Video.
Vedic culture embraces everyone to celebrate as one family. The belief isthat all the human beings are one family, including animals because everyone of us are but children of God. God is One however we call him in different names according to individuals'understanding and language. Relation is something special that remains eternal. Everthing on earth can one day ends up, but relationship is not a temporary bond. A mother is always a mother. A sister is always a sister. If the relationship is not repected the society fall in chaos and war breaks out. The …

Vedic culture giving process of purification

19 Sept 09. The vedic literature provides the process to purify one's existence. This means purifying one's mind and body and the way he sees others, ie as the children of God, all as brothers and sisters. Purification should begin before the conception, thus before planning to have a child. That process is called garbadhan sanskar. It is performed in a typical way, with auspicious arrangements, time and circumstances and astrology. Usually a priest will be called for the ritual performance. Some other sanskars follows that maintains the physical and mental health of the mother and the concieved child. Children bo rn following sanskar will be humane nature, peae loving and gentle and therefore can attain the goal of the human form of life. There are sixteen sanskars altogether. When the children are born without sanskars they tend to develop demonic mentatily. In any case all the new born, whether form higher class of men or lower are born as innocent, which in vedic term is c…

Ratha Yatra in The Netherland

Sept 09. Ratha yatra in The Netherlands. In almost all the big cities of The Netherlands the glory of Vedic culture are shown in every summer with the Rathayatra festival moving across the city. This year too the festival was organised in The Hague (see video above), Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. It is very pleasant to see this festival embracing the cult of universal brotherhood, peace and harmoney within the community. It is a unity among the diversity. Here everybody is welcomed, served and entertained in the vedic tradition. Vegetarian food is served to all the visitors for free. More than five hundred people joined the procession.
Ratha yatra is festival in which the lord ofthe universe Sri Krisna in his mercyful form as Jagannath along with His brother and sister comes out to the street to enable people revive their relations with the God. How Krsna appeared in that way and how this tradition began on earth is best explained in a feature film ABHAY CARAN serial. The dieties…

Hindu culture: Dacing like angels (Saaida Baaijen)

Saaida Baaijen a Dutch girl dancing Nepali dance.
Vedic cuture, the origin of Hindue culture is very much spiritual.  It appeals to inner beauty and purity and directs men to see everyone with love on the understanding that everyone is the part and parcel of God. God is one, and he is for every body. Just like there is one sun and it shines for everybody. People call God with different names just like different language gives the sun different names. Singing and dancing art came from the Sam veda. It inspires people to dress well. Nowadays dance is performed with half naked, erotic style - a degradation of culture or undercivilization. Vedic culture belongs to everybody because it is the origin, that the origin of mankind followed in the past. The more one diviates from Vedic culture community will divide and fall apart, hatret creeps and follows the war. Vedic culture if practiced will unite human races because it is God centered. Here a Dutch girl dances Nepali song although she does…


Vyas puja a ceremoney observed in honour and praise of Sr Vyasadeva, an incarnation of Sri Krsna. Vyasadev appeared in the begining of Kaliyuga ie. about five thousand ago. Untill that time the Vedic wisdom - the vedes which are revealed literatures by God remained in the form of Sruti and Smriti, literally means in memory and passed down in disciplic succession to the makind. Brahma received that wisdom for the first time from Krsna and he passed down to Narad and then so on to Vyasdev. Then Vyasadev thinking that the people of modern era will be very degraded in character, purity and memory or intelligence, he put it down in words, in sanskrit, so that people with less intelligence and memory power can recite and remember the God. Following this deed of Vyasadev, vyas puja cebration became part of Hindu culture. To honour Vyasdeva, disciples of the spritual masters observe the vyasa puja on the appearance day of their guru. Guru actually is the reprentative of Vysadev and expounds …

Body and mind and speach perfection

The perfection of human form of life begins with the perfect use of the senses. Let our mind always think of God Krishna, let our hands work for Him, lets go to visit the temples or discources and so on as Bhagavad Gita tells- Manmana bhava mad bhakto madyaji mam namskuru.  By engaging in this way men can attain higher consciousness, higher perfection. Otherwise only by eating, mating, defending and sleeping we can't be different from animals because only animals engages in those four activities and can't go further as men can if desired.The video here appeals in Nepali this message. You can see also some deities Srila Prabhupada has established all over the world.

Srimad Bhagavad Puran in The Hague

It was a rare opportunity for the seeker of spiritual development and transcendentale happiness that leads to higher consciousness to receive the transcendentale knowledge from a pure devotee of the God Krishna, His Holiness Navayogendra Swami Maharaj during the dasai period. Many people attended the saptah for 7 days. They were people from many background namely from the indigenious Dutch, Indians and few from Iran and other countries. Swami also hosted the rathayatra in Rotterdam. It was very pleasant to see people of all background and faith singing and dancing with one theme ie the glory of the Lord Jagannath, Bladev and Subhadra.

A similiar Rathayatra was also held in eindhoven for the third time in which Chinese and Indonesian artists, among others participated for the cuturla show. vegetarian meal was served to hundreds of people durng the rathayara for free. representatives from the gemeente (municipal authority) eindhoven consicutively made their presense and addressed it as a…

Vyaspuja celebrated

17 September 09Honouring the day Sri Vyasadev for the first time put into written words the Sruti and Smriti form of the transcendentale knowldge of the Vedas left the tradition to observe the birthday of the spiritual masters as the vyasa puja day. Accordingly the Krishna Naamhat Dham in Boxtel organised the Vyasa puja ceremoney on 17th September coinciding the day Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Prabhupad took Srimad Bhagavatam series to Amirica  in 1969 and propagated the vedic wisdom, buiding 108 temples wordwide in ten years time. Also it was the birthday of His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami. Many devotees gathered in the temple and celebrated the Guru Vyas puja. The host presented to all the participants fotos of Srila Prabhupada. Viswaroop prabhu explained the significance of living under the guidence of the spiritual master and prepare for the next life in the spiritual world.


Vedic Culture embraces everybody irrespective of race, faith, color and cultural background. This culture unites people on the basis of the understanding that everone is part and parcel of God, His children. This is based on the fact that the soul that makes the body conscious is a tiny part of the spirit, that is the God himself. On 20 June Vrajaraj's 3rd birthday was celebrated with vedic way. The program included fire ceremoney and discourse on Bhagavat Puran. The fortunate where those participants from Bhutan and Nederlands. Everybody is welcomed for such program on every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Swami from Kashmir to Boxtel Mandir

The forgetfulness of the God (let the name of God whatever may be) and their by loosing the spiritual health is the main cause of frustration and distress in the mankind' said His Holiness Navayogendra Swami Maharaj while preaching the Varnashrama wisdom the Vedic Cultural program in Boxtel. on 4th June 2009. About 20 devotees with the background from Malaysia, Surinaam, Nepal, Belgium, Punjab and Dutch with varios faith attended the program. It was ecstatic, performed with bhajan and kirtan led by the Maharaj. This is the second time Maharaj provided his holy association in Boxtel.

Navayogendra Swami Maharaj is the most reverent sage of this time . He is dedicated to preaching the Varnashrama dharma in India and outside world. He has shown ample example of renunciation, built a huge temple all by himself in Udhampur, Kashmir and propagated the message of peace and communal harmoney. His galnce at you and following his advices will make eeryone's life fruitful and happy. No mat…

Speech at UN by His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami on Peace Process

Speech at United NationsThe following is the speech H.H. Bhakti Charu Swami gave at the United Nations Headquarters, New York City, NY, USA for the Panel Discussion on “Forgiveness: a pathway to human transformation”.For voice and details see
What I will present here today is the Vedic perspective of forgiveness and the appropriate means to cultivate and demonstrate that noble quality. Vedas is the wisdom that descended from the spiritual reality, since time immemorial – since the time of creation. Just as, along with a machine comes the operation manual describing what is the purpose of the machine and how to operate it, the Vedas describe the purpose of this material nature, how it functions and how we should achieve our desired goal here.

Vedas generally do not deal with the immediate effect, rather with the cause behind the effect. For example, the Vedic branch of medicine, “Ayurveda,” does not deal with the symptoms of the disease only, rather with its inhe…

Participants of 16 May vedic cultur al program in Boxtel, Nederland

A video over Bhutanese refugee

Hier zie je hoe de Bhutaanse vluchteling uit zijn ballingschap in Nepal willen terug keren naar Bhutan en hoe de Indianse legers voorkomen ze met vuurwapens.Here you see the reality how Bhutanese refugees tries to return to their country Bhutan but how the Indian military blocks them from going home

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