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Vedische Culturenprogramma wordt op elke 3e zaterdag van de maand gehouden in Boxtel. Kom en geniet de transcendentale muziek, spiritueel kennis, Mantra yoga en heerlijk diner. प्रत्येक तेस्रो शनिबार हुने भजन किरतनमा सबैलाई नामहाट बक्स्टेलमा स्वागतम्

Vyas Puja Offering To Srila Prabhupada By Bhakti Charu Swami (2016)

Dear Śrīla Prabhupāda,
Please accept my most humble obeisance on this most glorious day of your appearance. Let your divine glory spread all over the world for the benefit of all the living entities. 

Many times you emphatically reminded us of the critical condition of Kali-yuga. In this age of quarrel and hypocrisy, you said, people would become degraded and violence would prevail everywhere. And sure enough, we are seeing that prediction come true. Sinful activities have become so rampant that breaking the four regulative principles is now the normal standard of life. 

There is violence wherever we look. In the name of religion, adharma is gaining popularity, and violence in the form of terrorism is engulfing the world. Recently, during Easter time, when the Christians in Lahore were celebrating that auspicious occasion, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb, killing more than hundred people and injuring over three hundred others. Less than a week earlier, two young suicide bombers sacrif…

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