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Vedische Culturenprogramma wordt op elke 3e zaterdag van de maand gehouden in Boxtel. Kom en geniet de transcendentale muziek, spiritueel kennis, Mantra yoga en heerlijk diner. प्रत्येक तेस्रो शनिबार हुने भजन किरतनमा सबैलाई नामहाट बक्स्टेलमा स्वागतम्

The food that promotes the mode of goodness

The food that promotes in human the mode of goodness are those prepared out of grains, flower, fruits, nuts ans vegetables further made tasteful with milk product and spices excluding onion and garlic. No products produced out of killing another sentient being can promote the mode of goodness but passion and ignorance only. That is why vegetarian food is the best because in contrary to the acts the mode of passion urges for undertaking fight, rage, sex, hankering, madness, including destruction of self and the society, the food prepared in the mode of goodness and then offered to the Lord who has bestowed the food grains for the mankind gets removed from the karmic reactions attached to it. In the Naamhat Dhaam we invite people to learn vegetarian cooking and eat together with everyone irrespective of the background and faith. Peace can be maintained in the society only when the mode of goodness to pure goodness can be cultivated in the human beings.

Peace prevails only from the cooperation between the controller and the controlled!

9th July, Boxtel. Peace on earth can be maintained only through the good service attitude between the controller and the controlled. This is aserted in the Bhagavad Gita. Men should perform yagya in order to satisfy the the demigods; the devatas who are the controler of the different departments of the creation of the God, for example rain, air, earth, natural resources etc. Jus like if the beneficiaries of the electric supply at homes pays the monthly bill of their consumption, the energy department of the state shall continue supplying the electricity. In the same way people needs to perform yagya- the fire sacrifice ceremoney in every auspicious days so that the demigods will be satisfied and continue to shower the natural resource supply in a proper way. By doing this the life on earth will enjoy peace and happness.

In view of this the Naamhat Dhaam of Boxtel performed peace fire ceremoney praying to the demigods and goddesses so that there will be adequate supply of the need for t…

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