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Vedische Culturenprogramma wordt op elke 3e zaterdag van de maand gehouden in Boxtel. Kom en geniet de transcendentale muziek, spiritueel kennis, Mantra yoga en heerlijk diner. प्रत्येक तेस्रो शनिबार हुने भजन किरतनमा सबैलाई नामहाट बक्स्टेलमा स्वागतम्

Where Lord Buddha appeared His origin would also descend

. 20 J une '18. Gaya. The Hindus practicing the eternal religion; the Sanatan Dharma and the non-religion sect- Buddhist would visit Gaya , a holy place in India where the river Falgu flows into Ganga . It is a place of spiritual and historical significance where the Lord Krishna appeared as Sidhartha Gautama; the prince of the Sakya dynasty during the reign of th e king Sudhodhana about 2500 years before Christ.    Shrine of ISKCON Gaya Indicating the cause for the Lord Krishna to descend on earth as the Lord’s heart melted due to compassion to the animals being killed in the name of the religious sacrifices though in violence ( ninda or himsa ), Jayadev Goswami’s hymn:   ‘Nindasi yajïa vidher ahaha sruti-jatam. Sadaya hrdaya darsita pasu-ghatam… ’ truly reflects to us that the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna appeared in the form of the Lord Buddha to stop violence against the animals. For this to come in effect, Lord Buddha taught the principle of non-vo

ISKCON Tempelproject in Den Haag, een stroomversnelling

Nieuwe Haagse tempel lijkt er nu toch te komen! Na een moeizame start komt er schot in het project voor een nieuwe tempel in Den Haag, direct achter Station Hollands Spoor in het Laakhavengebied. De ondertekening van de intentieovereenkomst met de gemeente Den Haag vond al plaats in 2012. Toch zag het er kort geleden nog vrij hopeloos uit voor het project. Inmiddels staan de zaken er heel anders voor! De plannen zijn aangepast om de bouw betaalbaar maken. Zo komen in een deel van het gebouw kleine appartementen. En ook komt er een vestiging van MOSA,  The Museum Of Sacred Art  (dat ook te vinden is in Radhadesh en in Villa Vrindavana in Firenze, Italië). Een deel van de kosten à 1,6 miljoen euro is daarmee al gecoverd. De rest kan worden opgebracht door de verkoop van obligaties maar hopelijk vooral door toegewijden die willen doneren om dit prachtige project mogelijk te maken. Het bestuur met onder anderen Shyamasundara prabhu en Bala Govinda prabhu staat er ook zeker

Srila Prabhupada gave us everything

By: HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj, Gitanagari Hare Kåñëa It is always very enlivening to come to New Dvarika dham and be with you’ll. This temple has a very beautiful flavour which is very unique. Çréla Prabhupäda used to consider this temple to be the head quarters of ISKCON and in a way it is the head quarters of ISKCON. BBT used to be here, faith used to be here and all the wonderful devotees are already here. Prabhu is such a wonderful example and there are so many Prabhupada disciples here which are also very rare nowadays so it’s always very enlivening to be here. So today I have selected two verses from Çré Caitanya-caritämåta .  This is from the Ädi-lélä third chapter. The few verses not just these two but few more verses from this chapter actually describes who Kåñëa is, what is the purpose of Kåñëa’s coming as Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu and also through these verses we can see that Çréla Prabhupäda gave us everything. Sometimes some individuals claim that Prabhupada d

Sri Vyas 17- Guru Maharaja’s offering to Srila Prabhupada

oà ajïäna-timirändhasya jïänäïjana-çaläkayä cakñur unmélitaà yena tasmai çré-gurave namaù Srila Prabhupada came to this world to fulfill the prediction of Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is Krishna Himself. Krishna appeared again, soon after His Vrindavan pastimes on this planet, in order to make us understand the secret of Krishna’s Vrindavan pastimes. He came to give us the rare gift of Krishna prema or Vraja prema. So this is how Krishna made this arrangement so that we can experience this loving relationship with Krishna and the residents of Vrindavan. Appearing as a devotee and assuming the loving devotional mood and complexion of Srimati Radharani, Krishna appears as Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu and distributed Krishna prema.   namo maha-vadanyaya krishna-prema-pradaya te Krishna prema, which is rare for Lord Brahma and even rare for Lord Shiva, was distributed by Krishna as Sri Ch

Conflicting findings of scientists and Vedic injunction over life in the Moon

By:  Vallabha Chaitan ya. Nepal Vedic texts say there is life on moon and scientists say they have reached and found it barren.. An analysis: ****************** Veda says men can never reach moon at divine level but scientists have claimed to have reached there and found it barren. How to accept these two controversies? Instead of accepting one and to disregard another, dont we have a common agreeable point? Modern science sees the moon as a lifeless satellite, whereas Vedic science sees it as Chandraloka, a higher-dimensional planet inhabited by higher beings. What could be the reason? Imagine two transparent glass beakers, one containing white chalk powder and the other, black charcoal powder. If we mix the two powders, we will get a grey mixture. But if we see the same mixture under a microscope, the grey particles will disappear; we will see only white and black particles. Which is the reality? What we see varies with our scale of observation. What is a

The most precious Talisman of the Hare Krishna movement of Srila Prabhupada

9th June '17, Medolago, Italy, On the auspicious Snan Yatra of the Lord Sri Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra, His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada bestowed His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj the renounced/ sanyasa order of life 40 years earlier. On this auspicious occassion this year Sri Guru Maharaj HH Bhakti Charu Swami addressing a gathering of devotees at Medolago, Italy, a place known as the Oasis of Srila Prabhupadadesh  spoke so beautifully over his feelings on receiving  sannyasa  and shared the most important instructions that Srila Prabhupada imparted on him. Below is the essence of the address. Guru Maharaja started off by sharing how certain GBC members were opposed to his  sannyasa  initiation, because he had been in the movement for just a little while.  Sri Guru Maharaja said: “ I was cooking in the kitchen,  Tamal Krishna Maharaja and Bhavananda Maharaja came to me.  Tamal Krishna Maharaja’s expression was, “Boy, you made it! Srila

Buy Vedic literatures

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