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Vedische Culturenprogramma wordt op elke 3e zaterdag van de maand gehouden in Boxtel. Kom en geniet de transcendentale muziek, spiritueel kennis, Mantra yoga en heerlijk diner. प्रत्येक तेस्रो शनिबार हुने भजन किरतनमा सबैलाई नामहाट बक्स्टेलमा स्वागतम्

Vaisnava philosophy to Manav Dharma of Sri Satpalji maharaj emphasized

Reproduced on demand of the readers. Saintly persons wishes only for the good of others! 23/2/10 A saintly women from Haridwar, disciple of Satpalji who founded Manav Dharma, Dharani Baiju mataji shared her experiance of self-realization. Addressing the Vedic Cultural house in Boxtel on 20th February, she explained the impersonal aspect of the supreme personality of Goadhead Sri Krishna.  She urged that the happiness can be found within, thus one has to look into thier self with the help of a spiritual master. The goal of human lif is to qualify spiritually to go back to the abode of our spiritual father, the Lord Krsna. She asserted that nawadays people are engaged only in eating, mating, sleeping and defending and thus the purpose of human form of life is forgotten. Just like, if you have a car and you put fuel in it but don't drive it to the destination the purpose of buying it is useless.

Devotion to God is the only way for happiness.  Baiju mataji explained that one has to loo…

Manav Dharma of Satpalji Maharaj will be better only IF they follow Krishna Consciousness also


By elevating yourself to Krishna Consciousness your goal of having a human form of life will be attained easily and quickly as you would qualify to get into the kingdom of God. On the earth too, you will live  in peace of mind.There is not other authentic quick and easy way.

Every one needs peace and thus the human races has been in search of peace and happiness all the time. They are looking for the methods that would hopefully enable them attain peace mentally and physically. In the process some look out for the ascending order of methods, some the descendeing order. Both deserve equall respect although one method would be more beneficial and easy than the other depending on the individual themselves.

The perfect wisdom to accept for peace or liberation is the descending process of wisdom. This means the proces of attaining peace and happiness by accepting the wisdom that is given by the absolute creator, Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This wisdom contain spi…

Manav Dharma preachers should emphasize Bhagavad Gita AsIt Is version

Reporduced from 23/2/10. Among hundreds of exiled Bhutanese resettled in The Netherlands, only a handful of families are holding fast with their esteemed Vedic culture. For the first tine in the The Netherlands, TB Chhetri, organised the vedic cultural program. He was a military officer while in Bhutan and here he finds peace and happiness only in preserving and observing Vedic cultural and religious programs and putting them in practice daily. To enhance this ancient tradition, organized in February a sankirtan satsang program in his house. There participated other three families including the members of Vedic Cultural centre- Boxtel.
In the program Dharani Baiji mataji from Manav Dharma explained the reason behind why some people turn towards the God and some turn away. She explained from the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 verse 16 catur-vidha bhajante mam janah sukrtino 'rjuna arto jijnasur artharthi jnani ca bharatarsabha O best among the Bharatas [Arjuna], four kinds of pious men rende…

Bhagavad Gita As it is to Manav Dharma

Reproduced from 17/7/11. 'Become a human before becoming a Hindu, Moslim, Christian, Buddhist or whatever you like', is the key message of the  cult widely known as Manav Dharma. The founder of this cult's son Vibhu maharaj gave a lecture on the dynamic of mind to his followers in Amstelveen on 17th July for the first time in The Netherlands. There was a gathering of about fifty people mostly from Indian, Bhutanese and Nepalese cultural background. 
Mind is the force that, if not in control, is an enemy of the self and when in control and engaged in the devotional service of the supreme, it is then the best friend of the self. This has been explained to Arjun by Sri Krishna about five thousand  years ago when he descended on earth and retold the Bhagavad Gita. Mind cannot me suppressed, see chapter 6 verse 5-12,  but it can be engaged in the devotional service so that the individuals does not have to suffer the bad reactions of the deeds undertaken. This process is expounded…

Pleasure of glorifying the gathering of the devotees

The naamhat program of 20th October attracted the mind by the description of the glories of the devotees' gathering during the last cruise retreat, that was begun by His Holiness Bhakti  Caru Swami Maharaj.

'Its the presence of the devotees of the Lord Krishna on this earth that compelled the earth to be maintained well', told one of the Swamis earlier. Its true that the Swamis are of  ISKCON on whose munificiency the people in all most every countries today could taste the bliss of the Vedic wisdom and culture. It is very much enlivening to rethink the course of the retreat where many Swamis were present during the cruise retreat', said Yasoda Priya mataji from Belgium who described the entire course of the retreat.
One would relate the retreat as a vacation as it takes the group of about 200 devotees to different cities of different countries in Europe and then get into the ship that is rather titanic, but as the day begun with mangal ararti early in the morning foll…

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