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Het aankomende vedische culturenprogramma is op 18 juni om 15:45uur

Hare Krishna iedereen,

Op 18 juni, de 3e zaterdag van de maand biedt de Naamhat Boxtel u de gelegenheid zich te ontplooien naar de bovenzinnelijke aspecten van het leven en hogere bewustzijn te ontwikkelen en innerlijke vrede te ervaren.

De inspiratiebron voor deze zijn de vedische literatuur, namelijk Bhagavad Gita- Zo Als Ze Is editie waarin vinden men niet alleen de antwoorden maar worden ons ook methodes aangereikt om op constructieve manier aan ons zelf te werken tot zelf-realisatie.

Hiervoor te begeleiden komt Anupam prabhu, een van de geleerde uit India oorspronkelijke uit Groningen.

Het programma begint om 15:45 met het offer van ere aan de wereldverbeteraar Srila Prabhupada.

Lezing uit de Bhagavad Gita tot 17:45

Aarati en diner om 18:00 uur.

Jullie zijn van harte welkom. Breng uw kennissen ook mee.

Plaats: St. Jorisstraat 13 te Boxtel

tel: 0685306737


Gaura Nitai deities came to a Dutch family on their own will

9th May 13. The Ascension Day overserved in Holland as De Hemelvaartdag, the day remembered for the Lord  Jesus left the earth and went to the sipirtual planet was an additional significance to a Dutch family in Den Bosch.  
Gaura Nitai deities of Vincent family

'Now everything is going on very easily, offering voga dishes to the deities and chanting Hare Krishna Maha mantra and may more' said Suzan Merkx mataji in a email to us sending these fotos below. Her husband, Vincent prabhu,  came in contact with the Hare Krishna culture through a visit to Radhadesh. many years before their marriage.  He served for the Ratha Yatra work and found the association very wonderful. After marriage, he did not have much time to remain in this association. It is natural that the family circle increases and keeping intact with both the cultures needs a considerable time in the Netherlands as a  period of acceptance and transit. They have now three
children, eldest one is a daughter. She likes gopi dress and is fond of vegetarian prasad meal. Her little brothers also pronouces 'Hare Krishna' and sings this melody loudly when going to school making others surprise,comments Vincent. This is really a happy family.

Suzan mataji serving the Lord
After certain years of family life, there came a timein them to look back to the Vedic culture as a means of supplement that will fulfill the purpose of the human form of life and live happily from within too. So Vincent asked his wife Suzan to visit the ISKCON centers and came to Naamhat in Boxtel too. After this, they do not miss the monthly programs in this Naamhat and are very much enthusiastic to what we are doing for the public.

A year earlier Suzan mataji saw Sri Gaura Nitai deities on a cupboard in the Amsterdam temple along with other devotee need items for sale. When they visited there  many months later, the deities are still there. She got attracted to the deities. In their later visits, the deities are there as usual looking mercyfully at them. It is something special, they thought and talked about the deities to have them at home. And when they phoned the temple authorities if that particular deties are still there, they got the answers saying; 'yes they are still here. They are truly the Lord in this form and they choose go on their own to whoever they would like to engage and bless'. Hearing this, Suzan mataji decided to bring these deities to her home and that was done on the holy Ascension Day. The family is brought up in Catholic tradition and Hare Krishna science has become thier supplementary spiritual emancipation for the life's satisfaction.
Vincent and his daughter Annet
at Naamhat Boxtel

On this auspicious day, Naamhat Boxtel was invited to support them serve the deities. A Together we offered pancamrit abhisekh, recited the prayers offered by the grand father of the mankind, Brahmaji- the Brahma Samhita nd ofcourse kirtan. A nice bhoga was offered and then we did the arati. Suzan mataji was very ecstatic and rubbed here tears of happiness. 

We thought, the Lord Jesus, having made his Ascension sojourn, came to reside in this form- Sri Gaura Nitai in this family and make their human form of existence very much divine. Hare Krishna community respects the Lord Jesus as much as any pious Christians would do. 

By putting the Lord Gaura Nitai, the most mercyful incarnation form of the Supreme Personality of Goadhead Sri Krishna, the father of the lord Jesus, it is sure that the life becomes easy and blissful, as Suzan mataji experiances.